Knowing oneself comes at a certain price, and the path of the artist is one on which this process engages an interior quest rooted in questions, mirrored by a yearning for connection with the world that surrounds you. I have never had a choice but to stay the course and make my way through this life as an artist. Visual acuity and penetration are the tools of seeing and knowing, and it is in concert with this deep search of finding order, balance, and meaning in the observed world that the work of art is manifested. With simple hopes that these works resonate with the people and friends who may come to see them, my role as communicator, as muse, as artist is upheld.

We live in a time of uncertainty, but this perhaps is the nature of life and all history has been the precipice on which the unknown is confronted. We are called now to distinguish ourselves by how we choose, with the knowledge and perspective we have, to carve out a better future that is not so much just what happened, but what we made happen, with intention, compassion and a long-sighted vision. We want to make a better world.  We benefit from knowing so much about what has failed in achieving that. If my work has been about anything, it has been my effort to look critically at the world we now have, this one that we must take full responsibility for having created, and to excavate from what is, the latent seeds of what we desire to bring forward into our new world.


searching for tomorrow



Four Stops Press LLC

My book production and publishing studio was created when Building Diplomacy was published. It has gone forward as a studio that produces limited edition books of my own work, but also books for other artists, writers, collectors, schools and galleries. Inquiries about proposed book projects are openly accepted.


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Beauty is everywhere, but must first be found in one’s attitude. It is a choice we face each day. What reality do you choose to enter into when you awake?  It is up to you. It is up to us. Let us ‘make it so.’

Elizabeth Gill Lui

On the island of Kauai, September 2010